Via Elektra


The Our Nature Park is located in the northern part of the Oesling, in the heart of Luxembourg’s Ardennes, at the tripoint of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. On an area of 420 km2, 8 municipalities have joined forces to reconcile nature conservation with the economic development of the region.

The idea of electric tourism has so far been the subject of speculation and projection into the near future. The VIA ELEKTRA© collection has set out to make this idea a reality. It aims to demonstrate that it is possible to use an electric car to travel around Europe for long-distance tourism. This is individual tourism, close to home, combining the discovery of heritage and art of living.

The rules of the game

Whether it’s a gastronomic break or an overnight stay, each road book is designed to ensure a secure journey for those wishing to rediscover the old continent. Between each VIA ELEKTRA© Relais, a multitude of points of interest are selected, all fulfilling the condition of being close to a charging station.

The new mobility

The additional aim is to promote the performance of this new mobility by highlighting its many advantages, which are so often disparaged.

Luxembourg’s nature parks

Luxembourg’s nature parks, always keeping up with the times, have understood the strong potential of this development and wish to support the regional economy by combining electric mobility (car and bicycle) with individual tourism, all the while placing the richness and diversity of Luxembourg’s landscapes as well as its range of recreational activities in the natural environment at the centre of their efforts.