Research and innovation projects


The LIST public research centre is developing technologies to reduce road traffic congestion and to offer faster, greener and cheaper mobility alternatives:

LIST’s CONNECTING project relies on a complex simulation model and an analysis of the environmental life cycle to study the effects of political decisions on private mobility in Luxembourg and Lorraine.

The eCoBus project (“Electrified cooperative bus system”) focuses on the development of an integrated control system, established from a cooperative intelligent transport system (C-ITS), which coordinates electric buses, electric recharging infrastructure and traffic control.

The gENESiS project has created two services/objectives for distinct potential target users:

(a) an energy management system for owners of smart sustainable buildings, which includes the modulation of electric vehicle charging;

(b) a tool for optimal energy flow over several periods for a distribution network operator in order to provide optimal operating flexibility from various controllable assets, including electric vehicles.

HERMES has supplied regions with a dedicated decision-making tool in order to assess the medium-term consequences of mobility policies.

MODALES (“Modify drivers’ behaviour to adapt for lower emissions”) aims to study the correlation between driving behaviour and vehicle emissions from three sources: power train, brake wear and tyre wear.

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