Electromobility-related energy products and services


The Fédération des Artisans and Enovos Services Luxembourg S.A. have come together to form diego, a joint initiative in the energy products and services sector. Electromobility, and in particular the installation of home charging stations for electric vehicles, is one of diego’s four pillars of development. The other three pillars are the installation of solar panels, connected homes and heating.

The “borne2go” project was developed and launched at the Autofestival 2019.

The general objectives of the diego network are as follows:

  • to play a major role in the energy transition and to promote its roll-out in Luxembourg;
  • to develop and market innovative standard technologies on a larger scale that meet the needs of Luxembourg’s market;
  • to actively contribute to the digitalisation and improvement of the customer experience (processes, customer interface).

More specifically, diego aims to make the home installation of charging infrastructures by qualified installers more accessible to the general public, including both residential customers and small businesses interested in electric mobility. The diego Quality Charter, signed by its member installers, is a guarantee of quality, not only in terms of the advice given to customers, but also in terms of the speed and high quality with which the projects are completed. All services are carried out on the basis of existing standards (safety, connection, etc.) and the diego quality criteria.

diego (“digital installer and electrician 2 go”) was developed as a franchise network, bringing together qualified local installers specifically trained in electromobility from all over Luxembourg through a digital platform: This platform forms the interface between the end customer and the diego installer. It provides an overview of all the customer’s projects, from the initial request for a quote to the moment the charging station becomes operational.

Borne2go solutions are standard all-inclusive packages (charging station + installation) that cover the specific needs of customers and are adapted to their home and their expectations:

  • easy pack (non-smart charging station);
  • easy plus pack (charging station with charging data shown locally and in the app);
  • smart pack (OCPP smart charging station);
  • smart residence pack (OCPP smart charging station and charging station management system allowing to connect several charging stations and optimise charging in a residential building).

diego has also built up a network of partners, including car dealerships, charging station suppliers and the ACL (Automobile Club de Luxembourg). As such, it is crucial to share information about the charging of electric vehicles:

  • with installers;
  • with dealer-partners (information sessions on electromobility);
  • with property managers (e.g. assisting customers with plans to install charging stations in residential buildings).

Regular communication with all these partners contributes to the gradual adoption of electromobility as an everyday mobility solution.