your e-mobility solutions hub


diego Luxembourg S.A., a luxembourgish company, stands for a quick and easy access to innovative solutions to promote the energy transition (e-mobility, green energy production, storage, energy communities, heating), offered by a local member of the Encevo Group, relying on the strength of renowned Luxembourg installers and partners.

diego is your best partner to manage your e-mobility projects end-to-end.

  • For residential customers in single-family houses: diego proposes 3 standard all-inclusive packages (charging station + installation works) that cover the specific needs of customers and are adapted to their home and their expectations:
  • easy pack (non-smart charging station);
  • easy plus pack (charging station with charging data shown in the app);
  • smart pack (OCPP smart charging station);


  • For residential customers or joint ownership associations in apartment-buildings: diego proposes specific solutions including the installation of adequate smart charging stations with load management systems allowing to connect several charging stations and optimise charging in residential buildings as well as invoicing services to reallocate the consumption costs to users based on their charging sessions.


  • For companies : together with its partners, diego supports companies in their e-mobility- transition proposing a large portfolio of services as a toolbox:
    • Installation and management of charging points at offices or at multi-sites, including charging points access management and as an option the invoicing management services on behalf of the company
    • for employees: charging device at home and charging card for public stations, in Luxembourg and abroad (in Partnership with Enovos), with the option of a reimbursement or invoicing services
    • for leasing companies: all-inclusive charging solutions for e-vehicles.

diego supports you from the project definition until operations (consultancy, support, hardware, deployment and services).

diego has also built up a network of partners, including car dealerships, charging station suppliers and the ACL (Automobile Club de Luxembourg). As such, it is crucial to share information about the charging of electric vehicles:

  • with installers;
  • with dealer-partners (information sessions on electromobility);
  • with property managers (e.g. assisting customers with plans to install charging stations in residential buildings).

Regular communication with all these partners contributes to the gradual adoption of electromobility as an everyday mobility solution.