Complete charging solutions for professionals


TotalEnergies supports companies in the energy transition of their vehicle fleet, by offering adapted solutions at every step of the charging needs of electric and hybrid vehicles.

TotalEnergies offers a turnkey solution for B2B customers, from project planning, installation, commissioning and operation, to monitoring and maintenance of the charging station infrastructure.

The infrastructure can consist of slow alternating current (AC) charging stations and/or fast or ultra-fast direct current (DC) charging stations. A smart load-balancing system distributes  the power between the various chargers, with the possibility of prioritising certain stations or users if necessary. The company can control who has access to its infrastructure, with the possibility of restricting it to company vehicles, employees’ private vehicles or extending it to customers and visitors.

For employees in possession of a company car, TotalEnergies installs smart charging stations in their homes, whether they reside in Luxembourg, Germany, France or Belgium. This gives the company an accurate view of how much energy is used by each of its employees and they can choose between different reimbursement options: from the most basic via a report that allows expense receipts to be processed to the most precise with automated credit/debit flows.

In order to enable road charging, TotalEnergies markets a multi-energy Fleet card, which allows both the refuelling of a thermal vehicle and the possibility to charge an electric or hybrid vehicle at more than 250,000 public charging points in Europe, including the Chargy stations in the Grand Duchy. This option enables charging on longer journeys.

By using the same cards in the company, at home and on the road, fleet managers have a complete overview of the energy consumption (electricity, but also fuel and gas) in their customer portal, which allows them a better management of their energy transition.