Physical supplier of the Chargy/Superchargy network and supplier of charging services


Physical electricity supplier to the Chargy and SuperChargy network:

Enovos has been the physical supplier of the Chargy network since its creation. Together, Enovos and Chargy guarantee a supply of green energy to recharge electric cars at all public stations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In addition to its role as a physical supplier, Enovos handles all invoicing for Chargy’s network of national and international service providers (currently more than 50 companies) on Chargy’s behalf.

Chargy and SuperChargy ad hoc supplier:

In order to facilitate ad hoc recharging at Chargy and SuperChargy charging stations, Enovos offers users a subscription-free solution with direct charge payment

Charging service provider:

With its enodrive package, Enovos offers its customers a flexible solution any time they recharge at a public station. This applies to the national Chargy network as well as on their international e-roaming network. Currently, the majority of recharges on the Chargy network are made by enodrive customers.

enodrive go is a prepaid package for occasional users. Valid on the Chargy and ChargyOK network in Luxembourg only, the enodrive go prepaid card can be easily topped up online.

With enodrive zen, you can refuel at all public charging stations on the Chargy and ChargyOK network in Luxembourg. What’s more, it provides access to over 180,000 international charging points thanks to a partnership with other operators throughout Europe. Complete with a mobile app that’s available on iOS and Android, enodrive zen offers users a wide range of services, including the ability to locate all charging stations available in Luxembourg and abroad, look up the recharge prices, power supply and connectors on offer at each charging station, and may even give you the option to start and stop vehicle charging remotely (depending on the operator).

Automotive market:

Enovos is an electric mobility pioneer in Luxembourg. For many years, it has been raising awareness among residents and businesses of the Grand Duchy about e-mobility, in order to encourage them to switch to electric vehicles:

  • Partnership with the ACL to inform members about electric mobility via its Mobility Loft
  • Partnership with leasing companies, insurance companies and banks, thus covering 100% of customers’ needs to help with financing for the purchase of an electric car, as well as with car insurance. (Onestop shop)
  • News on electromobility-related developments in Luxembourg and, more generally, educational information on the enoblog website and in the press
  • Large-scale publicity campaigns

With its broad range of partners, Enovos offers its smart charging solutions to companies wishing to electrify their vehicle fleet and manage the invoicing of vehicle recharging flexibly with products such as fuel cards for electric cars.