Organisation of training courses


Raising awareness among members of the three federations affiliated to the House of Automobile:

  1. FEDAMO: 170 dealerships, garages and repair shops with more than 5,000 employees, sales of ± 50,000 vehicles/year;
  2. MOBIZ: 20 leasing companies with 260 employees, managing a fleet of 41,000 vehicles (36% of the fleet of company vehicles);
  3. FEBIAC: vehicle manufacturers and importers in Luxembourg.

Organisation of training courses to discuss “alternative engine systems”:

  • Each year, between 150 and 200 dealership employees attend various training sessions to ensure that they are equipped to answer any customer questions during the Autofestival.

Organisation of training courses on the “introduction to the fleet world and fleet management”:

  • The aim of this programme is to improve the knowledge and skills of managers and employees working directly or indirectly in the fleet sector to give them a better understanding of the market, how it works and its challenges.