Mobility analytics platform


With fleet vehicles being renewed regularly to reduce maintenance costs and limit possible downtimes, fleet operators and managers need to have deep insights into their fleet’s mobility patterns, such as, among other things, average trip distances, idle times available for charging and the charging infrastructure at destinations and along frequently travelled routes. This information is crucial to optimising the fleet’s composition in terms of regular combustion, hybrid or electric vehicles. With an increasing number of regulations coming into force, it is of immediate importance to limit CO2 emissions on corporate levels and to reduce the environmental footprint by switching to sustainable mobility alternatives. Integrating our mobile Android and iOS trip data collection software (SDKs) into mobile apps and using our Mobility Analytics Platform allows you to accurately calculate eco and EV transition profiles. Any actor in the mobility ecosystem, including fleet operators, car manufacturers and dealers or public fleets, aiming to support the transition to sustainable mobility can join the platform and start taking action right away.

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