Installation of public charging stations


CHARGY: deployment of 800 public charging stations to support day-to-day mobility

The CHARGY network will offer 800 public charging stations for electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars in Luxembourg. About half of these charging terminals will be installed in Park & Ride car parks, the other half in public car parks in various municipalities. Each station is equipped with two charging points in the case of AC (alternating current) terminals with a maximum capacity of 22 kW per charging point, and one charging point in the case of DC (direct current) terminals with a maximum capacity of 300 kW.

In January 2021, the first public ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles were inaugurated. Network operator Creos is responsible for the deployment of 88 ultra-fast charging stations (160-320 kW) for 100% electric cars. The roll out will take place gradually until 2023.