Installation and provision of charging station solutions, fleet electrification and awareness work



  • Founding partner of the “Chargy” network charging infrastructure which provides charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Active collaboration with companies in Luxembourg to provide them with both normal and fast-charging infrastructure solutions for their own sites, fleet and/or public access management, as well as all operational and maintenance services, from the design to the planning and implementation of each project.

Automotive market

  • Special offer for private individuals to encourage the purchase of electric cars and facilitate the transition towards electromobility using the advantageous all-in-one kit: “Wallbox, installation AND eco-friendly electricity supply contract with charging card for Chargy-OK stations”.

Fleet management

  • Plan to re-equip their own fleet with 100% electric vehicles, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, thereby saving up to 500t CO2/year.


Raising awareness to promote electromobility and its benefits, e.g. using a wallbox instead of a simple plug and providing explanatory articles on the website: or on social networks, etc.