Innovative solutions


Nexxtlab is a forward-thinking company committed to advancing the energy transition, not only in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but also on a broader scale. They offer innovative solutions designed to enhance the utilization of renewable energy sources while also ensuring the efficient management of electrical grids. Their primary areas of expertise lie in real-time data analysis and multi-brand energy management systems.

Key offerings from Nexxtlab include:

  1. Flexibility: Nexxtlab empowers its clients with flexible solutions to adapt to changing energy demands and needs, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of energy usage.
  2. Coordinated Charging of Electric Vehicles: Recognizing the growing importance of electric mobility, Nexxtlab facilitates the coordinated charging of electric vehicles. They offer strategies and technologies that ensure seamless integration of electric vehicles into the energy grid, supporting the electrification of transport.
  3. Management and Simulation Tools for Electricity Grids: Nexxtlab provides state-of-the-art management and simulation tools for electricity grids. These tools assist in optimizing the performance of the electrical grid, taking into account variables such as EV charging, heat pumps, and photovoltaic installations. They enable precise analysis of the grid’s current state and provide insights into its future development.
  4. Smartmaster – Energy Management System: Smartmaster is an energy management system that simplifies the life of installers by offering remote control over installed devices. It enhances the level of self-consumption for clients, ensuring that energy resources are efficiently utilized. This system not only streamlines operations but also promotes greater energy sustainability and cost-effectiveness.


Nexxtlab’s mission is to empower businesses and consumers to make environmentally responsible energy choices, aligning with the global shift towards sustainability and renewable energy. Their cutting-edge solutions, including real-time data analysis, grid flexibility, and energy management systems, promote a more sustainable future.