Innovative solutions


Nexxtlab develops innovative solutions to accelerate the energy transition in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and beyond. Nexxtlab’s solutions help increase the share of renewable energy the country uses in tandem with its electrical charging capacities, for example through a growing fleet of electric vehicles supplied via the electricity grid. Nexxtlab’s solutions include:

  • flexibility
  • coordinated charging of electric vehicles
  • management and simulation tools for electricity grids

A selection of solutions:

  1. FeederFLEX: allocation of additional energy, e.g. for charging electric buses within the existing network infrastructure.
  2. Grid Scope: simulation of current and future distribution networks, analysis of the impact of EV charging, heat pumps and photovoltaic installations.
  3. EV Scope: simulation of large-scale EV charging, validation of control strategies for coordinated EV charging.