Information, leasing offers and fleet electrification


  • As part of the promotion of electric mobility, ACL Mobility Loft’s e-mobility experts provide ACL members with impartial advice, helping them better understand the details and implications of this new form of mobility.
  • Together with the “Maison cu Cycliste”, ACL is committed to educating and informing bicycle users so that they can cycle more safely and in harmony with all road users. The Maison du Cycliste is aimed at both adults and children, experienced cyclists and novices alike.
  • Companies can take advantage of exclusive benefits through ACL Benefits and benefit from the advice of ACL Pro Fleet experts to reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicle fleet.
  • Reduction of ACL’s carbon footprint through the optimisation of its fleet of vehicles.
  • ACL ClubMobil has several models of electric cars available for hire for a few hours or several days. This allows people to test the driving sensation and/or the practical use of an electric car before deciding to purchase with foll knowledge of the facts.
  • ACL has equipped several intervention vehicles with mobile charging stations to assist electric vehicles in the event of a depleted battery.
  • ACL provides its members with two electric charging points when they visit its headquarters in Bertrange.
  • ACL has published an informative brochure on the different types of electric vehicles and has developed a tool for its website to help consumers identify the most suitable engine type for their use.