Electrification of the bus fleet, service cars and expansion of the charging infrastructure.


Since 2019, as part of the RGTR public transport contract, Voyages Simon has equipped the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works with one 100% electric articulated bus (18.70 metres) and six 100% electric buses (12.20 metres) for regular bus routes.

All of these vehicles are charged via fixed charging stations on the new “Fridhaff” site, which has a total buildable area of 2.23 ha exclusively dedicated to electromobility.

As part of its decarbonisation policy, Voyages Simon intends to put 26 additional electric buses into service by 2022 at the latest. The company plans to install 30 fixed charging stations as well as three pantographs which will be operational by the end of 2021. Furthermore, electric cars will replace combustion engine cars by the end of next year.

The infrastructure works completed to this date already allow for 42 buses to be charged in a short period of time. In the medium term, the site will be able to accommodate up to 130 buses at the same time.