Electrification of the bus fleet


Sales-Lentz was one of the first coach operators to adopt the new hybrid, hybrid electric and now electric bus technologies. In total, the company currently operates a fleet of 620 vehicles, including 44 100% electric city buses. Additional transformers, fast chargers and overnight chargers in various depots have been installed.

A fleet of 13 Smart Electric vehicles has been established to allow drivers to commute to their shifts at various terminals. This acquisition makes a real impact in carbon footprint reduction.

In order to achieve the objectives set out in the Modu 2.0. sustainable mobility strategy and to reduce emissions of atmospheric pollutants (2030), Sales-Lentz is focusing on two areas: improving electromobility with overnight charging and rapid charging during the day and the study of new zero-emission, ecological and autonomous propulsion technologies.

A variety of systems are part of the plan to geolocate and operate the buses, record technical vehicle data and optimise fleet operation and related costs.