Electric fleet, advice in electromobility, “Balkonkraftwerk”


1nergie is engaged in the promotion of the electromobility. On the one hand, 1nergie is an active electromobility player, on the other hand it delivers advice in the domain of electromobility.

1nergie owns three electric vehicles (2xBMW i3 et 1xVW iD3). The autonomy of these vehicles is largely sufficient for the distances to travel in Luxembourg. Two private charging stations allow to recharge the vehicles in some hours. The electricity used for this charging is 100% green and comes from a luxembourgish green energy supplier.

PV panels used as a “Balkonkraftwerk” are installed on the terrace of the company. These panels are branched to a domestic power outlet. It is not necessary to inject this produced energy into the public grid, but it may be self-consumed as the panels peak power is not higher than 0.8 [kWp]. With the sun shining, the so produced energy is enough to deliver a base load for the company.

These measures contribute largely to reduce the CO2-footprint of 1nergie.