100% renewable energies


At CONVEX, the vehicle fleet currently consists of 71% fully electric cars and 14% plug-in hybrid cars. We plan to electrify the entire fleet over the next two to five years and develop new charging opportunities through the use of carports fitted with photovoltaic panels. Furthermore, the building occupied by the company is already equipped with a charging station. Our energy needs are covered by electricity from 100% renewable sources (Nova Naturstroum). The roof of the building is equipped with a 14 kWc photovoltaic installation.

Since mid-2021, CONVEX will have five fully electric cars and a plug-in hybrid car (out of a total of seven cars), as well as two charging points.

As an energy consultancy company, it goes without saying that we promote electromobility by leading by example, by advising on the different charging possibilities, on the advantages of electric cars and on the steps to take to take full advantage from state subsidies.