Electrification of the municipal vehicle fleet


In 2022, the municipality of Schuttrange adopted the Leitbild 2030 for sustainable development in line with national policy. The Leitbild provides for various measures in the field of electromobility, as well as certain quantitative targets in this area. In order to meet its commitments, in 2023 the municipality drew up a concept for the electrification of the municipal fleet.

It has therefore decided to invest in electromobility and has taken the following decisions, among others:

  • Electrification of the municipal fleet;
  • electrification of the Ruffbus Syrdall (personalised shuttle service);
  • electrification of the Nightlifebus;
  • electrification of the school transport;
  • installation of public charging stations;
  • financial subsidies for electric mobility.

Today the municipality counts 4 public charging stations, as well as nine 100% electric vehicles, including 3 cars, 3 vans, 1 small truck and 2 bikes.