Changes to the terms and conditions of category B driving licences

Changes for electric N1 vans: maximal authorized charge of up to 4,250 kg

With the publication in the journal officiel of the règlement grand-ducal du 9 juin 2023, the terms and conditions of category B driving licences have been adapted.

The holder of such a licence, who was previously authorised to drive a vehicle with a maximum mass of 3,500 kg, to which a trailer with a maximum mass of 750 kg could be attached, is now authorised to drive an N1 vehicle (generally a van) with electric propulsion and a maximum mass of up to 4,250 kg.

This provision applies to goods vans, which are pure electric, rechargeable hybrid electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and for which the excess mass is exclusively due to the additional weight of the propulsion system compared with a combustion engine propulsion system. The coupling of a trailer to these vehicles is prohibited.

These provisions are explicitly described in the letter dated 16 October 2023 from the Ministère de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics, which is attached as an annex.