Adaptation of the tonnage of N1 vehicles

On October 19, 2022, the Council of Government approved the projet de règlement grand-ducal modifiant l’arrêté grand-ducal modifié du 23 novembre 1955 portant règlement de la circulation sur toutes les voies publiques.

This project proposes to modify the « Code de la route » in order to authorize the driving of non-thermal N1 vehicles which exceed 3,500 kg but do not exceed 4,250 kg with a category B licence. This provision, which is in line with European directive 2006/126 relating to driving licenses, thus aims to promote the marketing of electric vans whose payload would otherwise be reduced due to the heavy weight of the batteries.

This proposal has yet to be confirmed by the Chamber of Deputies (a process that could take a few more months). However, given the delivery times of these vehicles, this decision may already prove to be interesting right now.